Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Seafood and Skyscrapers

Hello all,

How's England? Cold? Raining?  Ha ha ha.  Sorry, couldn't resist!

Am currently in Ubud in Bali typing on the shitest keyboard known to man and am really having to bash it to make it work. Because of this, I probably won't send as long an email as I was going to... some might breathe a sigh of relief knowing that... 

So Singapore, amazing, hot, and yes, expensive. It's a good job I've got an amazing little brother and nice friends who don't let me pay for anything!  I also got some pocket money from Milo.  Words can not express the amazingness of that.  Singapore is beautiful in a shard/gerkin/canary wharf way, so if you don't like modern glassy architecture with buildings that are MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!  don't go.  The food is immense though. The night I arrived Milo and his flatty Chris and myself went out for supper at this place called Jumbo and had crab - unfortunately a bit too spicy for me, but I managed one mouthful.  Fried baby squid, prawns, and other yummy things that I can't remember. On Sunday night just me and Milo went out for an all you can eat Sushi etc so am clearly going to eat some form of fish/seafood nearly every meal of the day. (Crouch I would post some to you if I could....it would probably be off by the time it got to you though....)

Milo's apartment is really nice and his complex has 3 pools, gym, sauna etc.  I didn't quite make it to the gym to go for a run on
Sunday as I was going to...but I will go twice this coming weekend when I am back.  Singapore is also really nice and HOT with out biting insects!  Or at least, I didn't get bitten when I was there.  Maybe that will change this coming weekend.  Much hotter than it is in Bali and I am regretting not bringing my fleece and umbrella (fucking idiot) as it looks like its going to piss with rain. Good.

Will tell you more about Singapore next week after I've had a full weekend there, but from what I have seen so far it seems like a really fun place to be, and the group of buddies Milo has is great.  One of which is a guy I was at uni with, who I didn't know very well and nearly fell in the pool with shock when he said hello!  I also managed a couple of hours of sunbathing WITH OUT BURNING!!!!!  WHOOP!!!  ...and yes dear peeps,of course I was wearing factor 30.

The flight over was fine, managed to sleep for about 6 hours, drank shite loads of water so wasn't massively dehydrated when I landed.  I had an aisle seat so I could pee my standard 15 times an hour without annoying anyone. At points it was rather bumpy...I'm always rather amazed that the planes don't fall out of the sky!!!

So what else?  The hotel I'm in here (Bali) is really lovely and I have a little balcony with a chair and table so will sit out there later and write my diary. There is also a pool, so weather depending this afternoon will chill out by it, do some swimming and potential sun bathing.  Tomorrow I'm going to go to the elephant park for the morning/early afternoon (que massive excitement, eek!!!!) and have lunch and ride and elephant and pootle around the park.  Admittedly it is about a million quid....but it's elephants!!  To be honest, I'm not that enamored with Ubud and Bali yet. It may be because yesterday when I arrived early afternoon I was really tired, was up at 6.45 and had been traveling for most of the day.  I also didn't do that much sleeping in Singapore because I wanted to spend as much time with Milo as pos.  Anyways, that's what this week is about.  Sleeping and chilling out, and to be honest where I'm staying is perfect for that as it's quite small, I think only 23 rooms and quiet with couples and families, not mental backpackers.  I might venture out and see what the night life is like on thurs night.  Last night I was in bed and asleep by 9.30pm and tonight will be another early one as I'm being picked up between 8 and 9am tomorrow.  Yes, I am rock and roll!! Bali is different to how I thought it would be. I thought it would be prettier and less hectic. It's a bit like the Koh San Road in Bankok.  After I've done this, I'm going to go to the monkey forest and explore Ubud some more as I appear to be staying on the main road that runs through it, and I'm sure if I wander down some side streets it will be a bit more chilled.  I am so glad I live in London though, because if I didn't, I don't think I'd be brave enough to cross the road.  You have to see an opportunity and go for it!

Well I think that's it for the moment.  Hope all is well with everyone, and next update will prob be when I arrive in Australia on Monday.

Lots of Love, smiles and laughter
p.s was only bitten 3 times last night, woop!  Have now bought mosquito repellent!

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