Friday, 7 January 2011

Just because you are wearing wellies does NOT make you invinceble

Well Happy 2011 my little bloglets!

Can you believe that in a couple of weeks I will have been doing this blog for 4 years?!?!  I can't! Time has flown by at a stupidly fast rate, and I also, to be honest without making you think that I a) don't like this blog or b) don't like you, I didn't think I would still be blogging 4 years down the line STILL waiting for the right results...  Anyways, before I go off on a massively maudlin ramble I shall write about what I was going to.

So, my title today are a few words of wisdom, and had I heeded them I wouldn't have ended up falling into a pond in Oxford's University Parks on New Year's Day.  However, I did not, and felt like I had superhuman powers, so behaved like an idiot and got my comeuppance.  It was rather amusing for everyone else, not so much for me.....

And I'll tell you how it happened before you think I just jumped in....

I was staying with a friend from uni, Toni, in Oxford and the Stockwell's have 3 dogs and live right by Uni Parks, so we took them for a walk.  I borrowed Toni's wellies as I didn't have any dog walking appropriate shoes with me.  The walk took us past the ponds and I went to look at the ice on them, and thought I'd see if it would break if I placed my right foot on it.  It didn't and was actually pretty thick, so I put more weight on my foot.  Now this was the error.  Around the edge of the pond, the ice had melted, so as I put more weight on, it didn't break, but tipped under the water and my foot slid in. So I didn't properly fall in, but on leg was soaked up to my hip and my other leg was pretty wet too.  However, the plus point was, as the water was so fucking cold I moved pretty damn quickly, or more of me might have ended up in the pond....  And yes, I was the oldest of our group going for walk, and yes, I was the only one who thought it would be fun to play with the ice on the pond....

So what else was I going to mention? I had my check up yesterday and the clinic was HEAVING! I was also once again the youngest, and actually the clinic yesterday made me think of God's waiting room in Edinburgh, not because everyone had a wheelie Oxygen tank, but because it was so busy and everyone was so much older then me. I was there for 3 hours and when I got round to seeing my consultant she discovered that the blood technician for the clinic had gone to lunch and my blood hadn't even bee processed....J-O-Y!

I am going to be emailed them, so will hopefully get the today at some point.  Getting weighed yesterday was another joy.  I've only put on shit loads of weight over Christmas, so the diet, well my change in eating habits has officially started, and I'm running regularly again.  I'm feeling very proud of myself as I went for a run today in the pissing rain, and you know what?  It really wasn't that bad.  Admittedly I spent a small fortune on a waterproof/keep me warm running jacket yesterday, but there is no way I will run in the rain unless I can keep my torso dry.  Also, I will be marathon training this coming Autumn and Winter so need to get used to running in cold horrible weather and have clothing so I go out and run.

Now I'm sure I had other things to mention, that were witty and amusing, but everything has vacated my mind!  Am off in a bit to see my Godfather and to send some healing light his way.  The tumour has shrunk which is brilliant, and hopefully it will continue to do so, so his surgery is as short as possible.

I was looking at the stats to this blog and have discovered that people read this not only in the UK, but the USA, Russia, Latvia, Spain, China, Germany, France, Poland, and Sweden.  So a massive thank you to all who read it who I don't know.  I do appreciate it, and as always, please leave comments.

Lots of love, laughter and light,

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